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In order to understand organic SEO, one must first realize that there are two different kinds of SEOs. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, of course, but organic SEO refers to what happens naturally on a website. Another definition of organic SEO is that it is the result of unpaid, hence organic SEOs.

An organic SEO can appear in a multitude of different searches such as those which may be industry specific. Or an organic SEO can be found in news searches, academic searches, video searches and perhaps even local searches. Also, it is common for an organic SEO to be found in an image search.

We’ve mentioned that an organic SEO is the result of unpaid searches, but clarification is needed. A good example of something that is not an organic SEO would be those results that come in a pay per click advertisement. The point of an organic SEO is to avoid ads that might be chosen by a search engine.

Using an organic SEO result is what most people want to search for anyway. The greater numbers of how users react is reflected when SEO results bring forth ads. People will avoid clicking on them, as they feel the results are somehow “skewed” when non organic SEO results come up.

True Organic SEO

Search engines can only be fooled with black hat SEO results for a very short time, and then the page rankings fall dramatically. Those created by organic SEO usage though tend to actually grow as time goes on, due to the fact that black hat SEO results have fallen quickly.

So, utilizing organic SEO is the practice of writing good authoritative content. Organic SEO writing is of the highest importance in order to see excellent results from it. Further, organic SEO writing takes time but it has proven to be totally worth it.

It is a shame that so many users of the black hat type of SEO see such quick results, but when the results are not garnered from organic SEO usage, the entire site may be dropped by Google for instance, since its searches will conclude that the results have been spammed.

Skewed non organic SEO results can never be utilized again, as opposed to true organic SEO results. Those will not only last forever, but the original pages and its links go on and on.

However, companies who utilize organic SEO tend to benefit over and over again when search engines find their sites over and over again.

Thankfully more and more people are realizing that the honest tactics of link building, organic SEO building, will pay off in the future.

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