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On Page Optimization

What's On Page Optimization? Good content, videos, photos, and keywords are some of the important factors that go into successful On Page SEO tactics for your website. There are numerous elements that work in harmony to make your company’s website rank 1st among the competitors’ in a Google, Bing, or YAHOO search. Wink SEO has a team of professional search engine optimization (SEO) specialists that can help your company to achieve the highest rankings on the Internet search engine pages, and will help you to maintain those rankings.

On Page SEO must be managed by professionals in order to make your site more visible to the public. Your website is your most powerful marketing tool, and the most cost-effective tool you have as well. It allows you to tell the public who you are and what products you sell or to tell them about the services you provide.

“Where do I begin? Simply put, the Wink SEO platform has not only reduced my man hours, but it works better than if I did everything by hand! The ingenuity of this product is like no other. Every other SEO organization talks all day about back links. You can kiss those wasted man hours building directories and blog articles goodbye! The Wink SEO mastermind has discovered and mainstreamed a new factor in SEO, and that is making your site active in the sight of Google. Using this system will not only compliment your other SEO practices but it will completely out perform them.

Although the system is amazing, the best part about the system is actually the insight and guidance of Blake S. He is like having a whole SEO department at your disposal. I can’t say enough great things about him. His fees are worth his mentoring alone." Thomas Johnson

Having a website is the first step, but maintaining your website is the key to success. Your website will need to be updated and refreshed with market-specific keywords on a routine basis in order for you to remain competitive in the world such as it is today. On Page SEO requires frequent website changes such as content, campaigns, videos, and photos in order to keep it fresh and viable.

Link structure, keyword use, and title tags (to name a few) can be maintained and updated by Wink SEO in order to create On Page SEO results that are guaranteed to work for your company’s website presence. Our services will ensure you achieve a first page ranking through organic SEO technologies.

Off Page Optimization

Off Page SEO is one of the most beneficial ways in which you can have traffic driven to your website through link building and other practices applied outside your website. Wink SEO provides all the tools you need to make your website more visible through practices such anchor text, site targeting, paid links, and link building that the search engines will find agreeable and acceptable.

Some very popular ways of creating Off Page SEO is through link building with social media and through competitor’s websites that invite you to share links on each other’s sites. Also, there are literally hundreds of directories on which you can place your company’s information while providing a link back to your website so more people can find you from just about anywhere: locally or nationally.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, and forums (to name a few) are also excellent ways to enhance link building back to your website on the Internet. By creating a Facebook page that provides your company’s website link can drive much more Internet traffic your way. The same goes with Twitter and LinkedIn.

Creating numerous profiles that provide links with Off Page SEO will guarantee better results for your website’s success. Monthly newsletters are also another genre that will greatly enhance the amount of traffic to your website through mass e-mailings. A subscriber may find a topic in the newsletter interesting enough to pass on to someone else, and so on, which will serve to bring more visitors to your social media page. This will in turn prompt consumers to become interested enough to visit your website.

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